Junior Business Development Manager (Milan)

Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy · Sales


As Junior Business Development Manager within The Insiders, you’re each day attracting new clients by convincing them to integrate Word of Mouth (WoM) in their marketing-mix. The most important task is pioneering with passion!

As a Junior Business Development Manager (BDM) you will be:

The Insiders is an international marketing activation company, specialized in Word-of-Mouth marketing, and global leader in Peer-to-Peer Brand Activations. The company is present in 27 countries and accounts amongst its clients many of leading consumer brands. Clients include Nestlé, Samsung, Johnson&Johnson, P&G, Philips, L'Oreal and Lego.

Through its network of 2.5+ million influentials, it builds advocacy at scale for many of the major consumer brands. Insiders participate in learning more about interesting products, while receiving a free VIP product experience, they share their experiences with friends, family and colleagues and help great products to become better known.



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